Our customer service won’t be beat!

Not only do we have qualified electricians on our staff that do their jobs effectively, but our service is top-notch. We start with a free estimate to give you an idea of what your job will cost. We work quickly, but make sure to thoroughly go over everything. And once we’re done, we provide a satisfaction guarantee so you can have peace of mind knowing that we stand behind our work. We won’t be beat by any electrician around! Call or contact us today to setup an appointment.

We promise to keep these core values

  1. Safety-At  Steele Electric safety is our top priority, it is integrated into every facet of our company.
  2. Teamwork – At Steele Electric our team members are chosen based on both their abilities and their dedication to succeed as a team.
  3. Excellence- Steele Electric is committed to growing and keeping the best electricians and staff to deliver high quality service, always meeting our customers’ expectations.
  4. Integrity- Steele Electric is built on the foundation which employees and customers can build trust and effective working relationships.
  5. Reliability- When you partner with Steele Electric you can trust that the job will be completed by our team on time and with the highest quality standards.